Graduate Student Fellows

Francesco Ducci

Francesco is an SJD student at the University of Toronto. He received an LLM from the University of Toronto, a JD from the University of Bologna, Italy and he was an Erasmus student at King’s College London, United Kingdom. His research interests include competition law, intellectual property, law & economics and the intersection between these fields.

Aman Gebru

Aman Gebru is a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law working with Ariel Katz, Michael Trebilcock and Mariana Mota Prado. His SJD dissertation focuses on intellectual property law, traditional knowledge and bioprospecting, and it investigates the rationales of and efficiencies in the protection of traditional (medicinal) knowledge. Aman is a fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and the Center for Innovation Law and Policy both at the University of Toronto. He is also a recipient of the doctoral scholarship from the International Law Research Program at the Center for International Governance Innovation. Aman's general research and teaching interests include patent, copyright and trademark law; international intellectual property law; law and collaborative/cumulative knowledge; innovation law and development; law, globalisation, and development. He has an LL.M. from the University of Washington, School of Law and an LL.B. from Haramaya University, College of Law.

Gebru, Aman. “International Intellectual Property Law and the Protection of Traditional Knowledge: From Cultural Conservation to Knowledge Codification” (2015) 15 Asper Rev Int. Bus. & Trade Law.

Ashwini Kashikar

Ashwini is an LL.M. student at University of Toronto. She completed her legal education in Pune, India. Her research interests include Intellectual property law and innovation law. Her LL.M thesis is focused on copyright and music sampling. 

Matthew Marinett

Matthew Marinett is an SJD Candidate at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, where he also received his LLM. His research studies the relationship between law, technology, and legal pluralism, with particular attention to intellectual property and privacy. His doctoral research focuses on the rule of law implications of corporate lawmaking and adjudication powers on the Internet.

Diego Garcia Ricci

Diego Garcia-Ricci received his LL.B from Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City and his LL.M. from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law. He is currently a SJD candidate and a Fellow of the Center for Innovation Law and Policy. Diego has worked for Mexico’s Freedom of Information and Data Protection Institute and the National Human Rights Commission. He is an adjunct professor at Universidad Iberoamericana. His research interests include constitutional law, human rights and privacy and his doctoral thesis project explores the protection of privacy from a human rights perspective.

Sheetal Srikanth

Sheetal is an LL.M student at the University of Toronto. She completed her legal education in Bangalore, India. In India, she provided pro-bono IP prosecution services to start-ups. Her research interests include intellectual property law and science and technology law. Her LL.M thesis focuses on the overlap between copyright and design laws.