The Fall 2011 Cloud Computing Conference Cloudlaw: Law & Policy in the Cloud

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October 14, 2011

9:00am - 5:00pm

Bennett Lecture Hall, Flavelle House
78 Queen's Park, Toronto, ON


The increasing popularity of storing large amounts of data in a virtualized “cloud” environment raises important and potentially new law and policy issues in such areas as jurisdiction; privacy and security; competition law, data portability and consumer protection; intellectual property; and law enforcement.

The Centre for Innovation Law and Policy at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law will host a conference on Friday, October 14, 2011 focusing primarily on the new law and policy problems and issues thwat cloud computing technology and its popularity create. In focusing on these new issues and problems, the conference will aim to bring clarification and suggest solutions to them, and to distinguish them from the internet and computer law and policy issues already discussed before the advent of cloud computing. The conference will consequently question whether this relatively new model of computing in the “cloud” necessitates a revision of computer and internet laws and policy.

While the conference will offer Canadian perspectives on these law and policy issues, given the multi-jurisdictional nature of cloud computing, the conference will also feature discussion of relevant law and policy from a variety of jurisdictions.

Panellists will include speakers from academia, government, corporations, and legal practice. Panellists will focus their discussion of new issues in law and policy arising from cloud computing on one of the following categories: i) jurisdiction and government; ii) privacy and security; iii) competition law, data portability and consumer protection; and iv) intellectual property.